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FlandersCraft was founded in 2013 by a minecraft player named Jerlag_01. What started as a small server running on his laptop, Had grown to a large server that was trying to make it's way to the top. Unfortunately it never did. To this day, FlandersCraft is a small network of different websites that help youthclubs, other minecraft servers with setting up and maintaining them and modded servers with providing modpacks on Technic.

We now host multiple sites that are used by FlandersCraft itself that can be accessed. Amongst one of the links is an old website from the old CastleCrafters Servers that were under the supervision of Epic_Ninj4 aka TheShadyOneHD and Nevetos aka nevets6. CastleCrafters had a good run but sadly had to shut down.


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But the thing is that these 3 persons, these 3 minecraft players didn't pull all that off on their own. They were supported till the end by 8 to 11 other players. Now known as the FlandersCraft Staff Team, when CastleCrafters was still running CC's Staff Team.

Beginning with Zippy_Dan aka DBEAST. After his ban from the CastleCrafters Servers, he joined the FlandersCraft Staff Team and made his way up pretty fast. he became admin, but then started his own network and wasn't seen very often anymore on the FlandersCraft Server.

Next on the list is Alex_ShadowJewel we can't say a lot about him as he never returned to CastleCrafters and never joined the FlandersCraft Team. But he was a nice player, did what was right.

Then BGG10, as every other staff member he began at the bottom as normal staff. Pretty sure that he was moderator shortly after it. After the shut down of CC, he aswell came to FlandersCraft to continue his journey as moderator.

Aah yes, now we have PrimevalHD aka harrison50000. Has been staff for a long time, untill late 2016. Then he got promoted to moderator and is now still moderator on FlandersCraft.

Arlow88, in the beginning he's a pain in the ass. But once you spend time with him he gets pretty nice. He has been staff from CC till it shutted down. Sadly we never saw him returning to FC to reclaim his place as Staff

Then we have Jusbrod, became staff at the public launch of FlandersCraft along with Natebobnoob. Both made there way up to moderator and to this day is Jusbrod Admin

Natebobnoob as mentioned above became staff at the launch of FlandersCraft, currently moderator.

Millsmolls, Apple aka Beaver, LafellaGalaxia and RedDragonYT are 4 new staff members before FlandersCraft became a buildserver. Apple made it to moderator. millsmolls, RedDragonYT and LafellaGalaxia are still staff to this day

Then we have Jacob, He never became staff on CC but got his first try on the FlandersCraft Servers. He remained staff till the shut down.

Last but not least, Bloo_x. became staff and directly moderator after the public launch of FlandersCraft. Became a month later Administrator next to Zippy_Dan.

Staff members that stopped after the global reset of FlandersCraft: Hallo_fi, Lorekele98, cow232

As you can read, we were with a lot to maintain these servers and keep it fun for everyone. Sadly it didn't last. 11 top people that did there best in helping out when we needed them. so we say to all of you and to the 2 Servers: "In peace may you leave the shore. In love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels... May we meet again"


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